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EasyACC Lazy Mount (Gooseneck)

Any way you want it

EasyACC has attempted to do what should have been done years ago – a super long, hands free, fully adjustable smartphone or tablet holder that does what it’s supposed to do.


2015-11-13 15.41.52


There are literally hundreds of holders, mounts and attachments that are all designed to do the same thing – put your smart phone or tablet in front of your face so you can use it easily.… Read the rest

The Breathing Mobile Washer Review

White shirt
If you’re making a survival kit for a worst case scenario, or simply just a family camping trip there are usually certain must-have items that always come to mind – food, water and good first aid kit usually are top priorities. Often overlooked, though, is how you’ll keep those clothes on your back clean?

Maintaining good hygiene is one of the best ways to prevent sickness and wearing soiled and sweat saturated clothing for days on end is just asking for trouble. Taking along enough clothing to swap them out as they become dirty is one way to do it, but space is usually limited and carrying a weeks worth of clothing on top of all your other gear isn’t practical.

We put a simple but rediculously effective device to the test that claims to be a real breathing mobile clothes washer. What sort of clothes washing test would it be if we didn't use some of the most common clothes destroying substances? Chocolate milk? Coke? Tomato Ketchup? Sharpie? Plain old mud and dirt?
Check out how well this manual clothes washer does Vs a full size machine clothes washer in our full in depth review!

ER Tape Review (multi-purpose repair tape)

ER Tape
You can place a dollar value on many different tools you own, a hammer may cost – $9.99 and a pair of decent pliers – $7.99. Some tools, though, are so versatile that putting a price on it would be difficult as it’s repair ability is only limited by the things around you that need to be fixed.

We got our hands on a product named "ER Tape" that claims to be the only replacement plumber, insulator, waterproofer and grip-replacer emergency tape you'll ever need. That got our attention and prompted us to carry out an in-depth review. Worth your money? Find out...

Weiita H308 LED Headlamp Review

Weiita Starlight H308 LED Headlamp box contents

Weeita lights things up, that’s what they do. For the last several years, Weiita has been producing a range of products with one goal in mind, to provide light. This focus has enabled them to produce an array of dedicated light-omitting products for an array of uses like lighting up your path on a camping trip to lighting up your warehouse at work.… Read the rest

Weiita Fireplace LED Lantern L16 Review

Weiita L16 Fireplace LED Lantern
The Weiita Fireplace L16 lantern ($7.99 @ Amazon) is one of their mid-range LED lantern's featuring 16 super bright LED bulbs, 180 lumen output and an advertised 32 hours of run time on it's highest setting. Lightweight and durable it's ABS plastic body gives it's a smooth metallic like appearance.

With straight 5/5 reviews on Amazon, this inexpensive LED lantern has some impressive features. We take a closer look...

How to make custom rubber parts in 3 minutes with Versimold

From the makers of E.R Tape, Versimold enables anyone to custom make any rubber part they can think of in literally minutes. It cures in about three minutes and can be made into any shape you want. The end result is a durable, flexible and tough rubber part that has been made exactly as you need it. Or so they claim...

We got our hands on some of this magic putty and put it to the test with a custom o-ring and custom bungee cord. Check out what happened inside...

Lansky Blade Medic knife sharpener review

Lansk Blade Medic Knife Sharpener
The Lansky Blade Medic is a portable throw-it-in-your-backpack knife sharpener designed to keep your knife sharp when you need it the most. At a reasonable price of $9.99, it's features boast a ceramic and carbide pre-set angles grinding stones, a tapered grinding rod for serrated blades and a longer ceramic stone for custom grinding edge options.

We weren't blown away by this sharpener for a few specific and serious issues....

Add REAL custom buttons to your Android phone

Ever wanted a dedicated button to launch an app? A big real pressable button to activate your phone's flash so you can use it as a light? A button that will call your favorite pizza place instantly? If you've got an Android device you're in luck. A group of geniuses have made this a reality.

Cutely named "Dimple" the people behind it have successfully funded this product and actually had enough support to achieve double their initial funding amount. The "Dimple" buttons look extremely useful and it can be yours for a ridiculously low price of...

Survivor Tech 5-in-1 Multitool

Survivor Tech 5-in-1 Multitool
Survivor Tech have recently launched a new multitool aimed specifically at the survival market. The tool boasts a 5-in-1 functionality and manufactured with a 420 stainless steel blade (read: tough!) and a hardened anodized handle. We get our hands on the blade- assist version and put it to test. Does it do what they advertise or just another toy? We start a fire, smash stuff, cut stuff in half and light up the night in this in-depth multi-tool review. Grab some popcorn... © 2014
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